About us

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About us

SellingTicket Enterprise Solutions is the fastest growing ticketing company in the U.S. providing a full-featured ticketing solution with online ticketing for venues of all sizes, ranging from small community theatre venues to large sports complexes of 50,000 seats or more. We provide the most affordable, user-friendly format for conducting ticket sales, managing events and patron management. Our unified seat inventory supports all types all ticket sales - telephone, remote location outlets, box office walk-ups, Internet, memberships, subscriptions, and group admissions. For our Interne patrons, our Interactive Seat Selection option displays seat availability, motivating patrons to select their own seat and purchase on-line.

SellingTicket interactive color-coded Box Office Seating Charts allow the box office staff to select seats with a click of the mouse and to know inadvance exactly the status of all seats in house and not just the available inventory.

Sellingticket box office printing and ticketing software products are in use by thousands of venues around the world including organizations in th United States, China, Hong Kong, Canada, and Singapore.

Our Story

At an annual banquet in support of a cultural non-profit in Ohio, John Lee, the founder of SellingTicket, became aware of the amount of time and energy involved in hosting such an event. About 800 people regularly attend that banquet every year near filling over 100 tables. In the past, selling over 800 tickets in less than a month was a huge headache for the volunteers and the President of organization. A call center was set up for the volunteers to contact people, invite guests for the event, track all of the pledges, collect and deposit all of the checks. They also needed to get tickets printed and in the mail to the patrons. You can imagine what a huge problem this was every year. When John Lee became a board member of the organization, he came up with an idea to streamline the process. He designed a simple online ticketing program specifically for banquet applications. Suddenly it was so much easier! What a big difference! People were able to go online and select the banquet seats at the table of their choice in a few steps; pay for these seats online and have an e-ticket sent to their email account and just attend the show. The collections nightmare was over!

Prompted by this instant success, many professionals encouraged John t develop he program further. John formally started the business of SellingTicket beginning in 2006.

In 2007 John met Jim Kretz, a 20+ year veteran of event promotions, venue management, ticket sales and historic Theater management. From that collaboration SellingTicket Enterprise Solutions, has become a highly efficient, cost-effective, web-based ticketing application incorporatin patron management, marketing and promotional features for all organization regardless of size. Finally, all box office management problems can be solved with a single Internet based solution. An instant advantage to being web-based is our client's ability to access their information 24/7 from anywhere the Internet is available.

Today's SellingTicket has gone through four major upgrades and we have become a full-featured ticketing system with the following attributes:

  • A complete Internet-based ticketing solution including box office, kiosk (remote location) and Internet ticket sales, memberships, Flexibl Admission Programs and event marketing.
  • Box office ticket sales and Internet sales through your web site  offering a seat selection option with a simple click of a mouse.  The ticket sales agent and the online patron may select the actual seat for the Reserved Seating performance.
  • Patron management module that supports electronic communication and particular marketing promotions; allows tracking to evaluate marketing effectiveness and establish patron preferences.
  • Real-time reporting to accurately track all box office activity, downloadable in MS Excel format.
  • Lobby Management Control, to determine ticket viability for an individual event and/or oversee patron re-entry.
  • Permission based access to the in house ticketing system.Individual log in credentials for box office staff to track daily box office activity.

Our continued interest in the success of our clients is more than a business strategy. Aside from making available what we consider a premiere ticketing system, it is our client acclaimed customer service that is here to assist you day in and day out, around the clock.

SellingTicket will train you and your staff and guide you every step along way, ensuring a smooth transition to your new box office solution and keep that same comfort level for years to come.

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